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Our passion is bringing the gift of yoga to you. If you are a beginner or well traveled on your yoga path we are here for you. Our class style is best described as Hatha Yoga. The word Hatha can be translated as 'Ha' meaning Sun and 'tha' meaning Moon. In short, Hatha means balance: hot and cold, sun and moon, masculine and feminine. It is these opposites that we try to help you balance and unite in every class.

We love to create balance in your physical bodies as well as bringing a sense of presence and mindfulness to your practice. Yoga is an extremely useful tool for self-transformation, while engaging your body and creating strength and flexibility. This is a practice that can be shared by all ages and abilities.We’d love to help you see yoga as a practice and not just something to be checked off your list.

Our goal is that you leave feeling content and happy knowing that you received what you needed that day.

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October 27th - 11AM
November 24th - 11AM


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