Need a little snacky snack?

Homemade Granola!

You know that feeling. When you just need a little snack. Maybe it’s an afternoon lull, a grumbling tummy or quick snack to grab on the go for you or the kiddos.

This granola is so easy to make. I love how it satisfies the salty and the sweet with a lot of texture as well!

Now, this is my kind of ‘cooking’. We had so much fun making this and hope you enjoy it too!

We doubled this recipe and it worked out great!

We started with a large pot on the stove, added the coconut oil and heated till liquid.

Next we stirred in the vanilla and honey then added the brown sugar, oats, salt and almonds.

Stir to coat and then spread on 1 (2 if doubled recipe) cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Spread evenly and bake!

Allow to cool and then store!

I experimented with some add-ins. First I divided the granola so I could keep some as it is. The other half I put in a large ziplock bag and added shredded coconut, krispies, Craisins, and chocolate and butterscotch chips!

Give the bag a little shake.

Get your snack on!!!

Kristi Herron