Why Yoga?

Yoga enhances life, it makes you more flexible physically and mentally.  One of my favorite things is how easily you can be present for the 60-90 minutes of practice.  The time just flies by and at the end of the practice you just feel so much lighter and happier.   One of the other amazing things about yoga is the word practice. Every day we participate in yoga we are practicing, not competing.  Letting go and understanding this can be hard, but once you realize that each class is enhancing your life mentally, physically, and spiritually you will be glad you came.

Mandy and I both love yoga, it has been one of those love’s that grows and changes over time.  Some people just fall into love with the rhythm, the routine, the relaxing notions that are all incorporated into yoga.  Many people love shavasana and can’t wait for the end of class when they get to lay down and reap the benefits of letting go for a few minutes.  Shavasana is that blissful time that allows you to relax and do nothing and let your body just be.  For some, shavasana is one of the hardest parts of yoga. For a type A personality, letting go of the physical practice and allowing the body and mind to be still can be frightening, yet this is exactly what the body and mind need. Finding the balance between work and relaxation is so vital and that is what makes yoga such perfect addition to life.


As I enter into my 40th decade I am so thankful that yoga entered my life in my early 20’s.  Yoga is a significant part of my life and helps me to stretch, breathe, and take each day as it comes! I don’t believe anyone has life figured out without a little or a lot of stress and anxiety, but yoga provides me something to fall back on in those moments, however long they last!

Yoga has been incorporated into school due to its ability to calm and relax the body and mind. Teaching kids mechanisms to cope with stress on a daily basis is brilliant.  I wish this was offered back when we went to school.  As athlete’s yoga would have been crucial to helping to reduce injury’s, speed recovery, and decrease the pressure we placed on ourselves to perform.  Kids, athletes, adults, seniors, everyone can benefit from yoga!   

Yoga can make you be a better runner, tennis player, swimmer, mother, father, employee, CEO. Basically, yoga can help you to be a better you!